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I was not very confident that I would be much use in any aspect of the build eg de, colours, floor plan etc but after completing the course I have gained so much knowledge. As a beginner with limited renovation experience, this course has provided me with a step-by-step toolkit for success. We have thoroughly enjoyed this project of our for-ever-home and are so happy to have been allowed to be so hands-on, but could never have achieved our dream home without the talented professionals we had involved.

Also, thank you girls for showing that you are still laughing and your friendship has survived. Save thousands on your project with lifetime access to discounts from our list of super-stylish suppliers. And no questions asked. We currently have plenty of Reno School students and graduates who have many renovations beautiful older ladies searching love reno their toolbelts or even work as experts in the industry!

Together, everyone helps each other with their individual reno projects. We are demolishing our old shack slowly sinking no foundations and rebuilding our forever beach home.

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You have lifetime access so the content will always be available for you to download. Since three best friends are teaching you, the course is delivered in a professional AND easygoing manner. It gave me the confidence I needed to trust myself and back myself when making decisions. Reno School is suited to anyone undertaking a renovation, or even a brand new build, regardless of your scope, style, or budget. The Reno School is relevant for anyone doing a renovation, extension, new build, backyard or even just updating one room in the house.

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Since completing the course inI have revolutionised the way I de and detail interiors, material palettes and lighting plans. The Reno School is for anyone who wants to improve their home, no matter their experience or the project scope. I decided to even just to learn one thing.

Imagine if you could have access to the skills and answers you need at the touch of a button. By the end of Module 3 you will have learnt: Interiorsalong with lighting plans, how to work with colour yes, we do more than white and focus on how to create gorgeous lounge rooms and dreamy bedrooms.

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So glad I did so well-planned and thought out, thanks Three Birds. You betcha! Thank you Erin for your beautiful older ladies searching love reno spreheets, Bonnie for your unique de flair and Lana for putting it all together for us students. I recommend it to everyone who is renovating, building etc. Experience gained and lessons learned and very happy with the result. So responsive, so accommodating and so good at what you do — I cannot recommend you all highly enough.

Click to up, go through the cart process and voila! The support from the Three Birds is unbelievable and the Facebook community you become a part of is out of this world. I am from rural SA so was not sure if the course would help me feel more confident with my first new build. I understand your frustration missing out on the discounts, but The Birds inside knowledge, money saving tips, creativity, inspo… It will only increase the value of your home or reno ten fold.

Every reno is different.

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If you fall behind because hey, life happens! As long as you have an internet connection, you can do the course. No pressure! All prices are in Australian Dollars. Regardless of your past experience, this module teaches you the foundations of every good reno or new build planning! I love the work you do and share with your fans.

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We know life can get a bit life-y! I am so stoked with the result!! You also get lifetime access to the course content including any updatespartner offers and discounts, and membership to our exclusive Facebook group. If you have a mate who would benefit from this course, do them a huge favour and convince them to with you. Pretty sweet, huh! We asked some of our experts how they rate Reno School:. See you in the Facebook group! However, you can absolutely take the course at your own pace!

Lifetime access is just as it sounds!

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The Reno School is our 6-week online program covering all aspects of a whole home reno or new build. Renovating your kitchen can be tricky. Behind every successful renovator is her crew. Imagine a home renovation course saving you tears, money, and precious time you could be spending actually enjoying your reno, no matter how grand or tiny your project.

By the end of Module 4 you will have learnt: how to de the ideal layout, choose the right benchtop, appliances, cabinets and handles and have real-life examples of best kitchen features so you can incorporate them into your own de. This course is FUN!

The material provided in the course is already so worth the investment.

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Imagine that — actually loving the renovation process! Their ability to turn houses around in such a short time frame means that they know all the ins and outs of the renovation industry and all the tricks of the trade. An will hit your inbox with a link to your Student Access and a link to the private Facebook group.

This is not a course specifically deed for people who want to flip houses though is fantastic if you want to get hands-on with beautiful older ladies searching love reno flippin renos! By the end of Module 2, you will know: who you will need to work with on your project and how to get the best out of your tradies, architects and more. So much of the course is valuable no matter where you live — de concepts, construction process, strategy, and honestly just load and lo of tips!

Just ask some of our graduates:. We highly recommend that you have a Facebook to access our Reno School community of over 10, students working on projects together. Exclusive access to our Facebook group, featuring chats, check-ins, and good times.

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The access to the Facebook group alone is worth its weight in gold. That includes 6 weeks of PDF modules and lifetime access to our Facebook community and exclusive supplier discounts. Architect And Reno School Grad. Of course! This is an online renovation course like no other on the market catering to everyone from experienced stylists, deers, builders, and architects to Mums who have never picked out a paint sample before.

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As a young woman, the course has given me more confidence on site to make my de visions a reality without blowing client budgets. It has been an empowering experience as well as a lot of fun. Totally worth doing would recommend to anyone wanting to renovate. Do it!! No downside really! Plus you can download the course content to your smartphone, tablet, or computer so that you always have access to the pretty PDFs and templates.

Thank you!

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Woo hoo! By the end of Module 5 you will know: how to de your room, then how to choose tiles, taps and everything in between. The step by step detailed info is invaluable for people wanting to manage the renovation process. I learnt so much and feel so inspired now. We like to keep it simple, lady!

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You can post photos, ask questions, and get help almost instantly. I am a qualified interior stylist that needed more confidence in the building process. Students tell us that the Facebook group is one of their most loved aspects of The Reno School. They understand where best to focus to add the most value to a property and their styling is off the charts! Heck yeah! You betcha. The easy-to-read format was key, and the The Reno School Team all seem so approachable. We do touch on flipping houses, but the main focus is on renovating your own home, more so than investment properties.

By the end of Module 6 you will have learnt: how to transform the outside of your home, which will impact its street appeal and how to create the ultimate alfresco area. The other students from your intake will be working through the same materials at the same time, so you can share and ask questions as you go beautiful older ladies searching love reno our exclusive Facebook community.

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Money back, guaranteed. Working in an architectural studio, there is always more to learn, particularly when it comes to dealing with builders, trades and other professionals. The online course is delivered over 6 weeks. No worries, you can move through the course at your own pace. These women are the real deal, the perfect mix of laughter, vulnerability and advice that counts. Director, TREStylist. I have faith in my choices eg flooring colours etc and hopefully will be starting the build in February next year. Do you wish you could renovate or build the home of your dreams without the budget blow-out nightmares, tradie headaches, or questioning if that product is the right choice?

They will be thanking you with praise from the newly renovated rooftops we know it. And so motivated. The other thing I think is great apart from the discounts is that the Three Birds are actually involved in beautiful older ladies searching love reno Facebook community, especially Lana.

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