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Tran Trong Duong of the Institute of Han-Nom Studies has authored several works and projects examining the Vietnamese concepts of love and marriage throughout the history. In the past, many couple got married because of family's arrangement, not because of love.

The idea of falling in love and getting married has been embedded in every Vietnamese person since the folk love tale of Lac Long Quan and Au Co, who are believed to have given birth to Vietnamese people.

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She believes the younger generation must adopt a pioneering role to change what is not suitable in the modern era. Nowadays, a few important rituals are performed at traditional weddings but many are very much simplified or virtually ignored. Nowadays, as we adopt many modern Western values, we can look back at our past and decide what should be kept and what should be changed.

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What an expert says? Today many rituals are ignored as not suitable for modern life. The wife was disadvantaged and remained passive. Events : Apec Helping Hands. I think marriage was the foundation of many other relationships. But, at the time when Vietnamese society studied Confucianism and followed a feudal political system, people did not consider marriage a symbol of love but a uniting of two individuals for the sake of the two families.

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This outdated idea of needing a son is still deeply embedded in Vietnamese values and widely manifests today. Throughout history, Vietnamese people honored the concepts of marriage, no matter what purpose the marriage served. Attitudes toward these things were very different in the past.

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Maintaining peace, stability in the East Sea UNCLOS: Overarching framework for establishing legal order for seas and oceans, promoting maritime development, cooperation. The couple was required to fulfill their duty to the family by giving birth to a boy, who would maintain the continuity of the family line and those who couldn't were considered disrespectful to their parents.

Photo: Vietnam Women's Museum. Clay drum, the traditional musical instrument of Cao Lan ethnic people. It must change to be become better.

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But, in a society under the influence of Confucianism, the role of women was diminished and vestiges of this gender equality persist today. According to Ngo Duyen of Dai Viet Co Phong Project, in the past, to get married, the couple and their families had to complete all 6 ceremonies, excluding this "Nap Cheo" additional ceremony.

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Photo: baria-vungtau. VOVworld - Over years, the Vietnamese concepts of love and marriage have evolved. Y Ty Market showcases true beauty of highland culture Hanoi through lens of Belgian photographer.

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Nowadays, single mothers, cohabitation, same-sex marriage, and sex before marriage are becoming more accepted. Eventually, the Emperor had to accept their love and allow them to get married.

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Photo: Bien Phong. I think it makes marriage ceremonies less fun. Photo: Gia Dinh Viet Nam. Dr Duong said few important rituals are performed at traditional weddings, which makes modern marriage ceremonies less fun.

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The people of the village would decide how much the two families had to pay according to their financial status and whether the bride or the groom was from a different village. Both Dr. Duong and Nhu agreed that the outdated idea which values men more than women is still manifested today and needed to be changed. Males and females are now free to find their own partners and marriages are built on love and respect.

It is a volunteer arrangement between two individuals.

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But, love and marriage is something everyone is interested in no matter which era they come from. Tale of a year-old tree serving as a village gate.

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At one time, Vietnamese people strictly followed customs and rules — even if outdated. Photo: Internet. Nguyen Kim Nhu agrees with Dr. Tran Trong Duong. What is new today will turn old tomorrow. To many of us, he is best known as the Supreme Commander of Vietnam during the Tran Dynasty in the 13 th century who won multiple victories over the mighty Mongol invaders.

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Culture is something that flows. Marriage should be one of the happiest events in the life of each person.

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